Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Making Money with Amazon

Being a Amazon affiliate is a great way to earn cash or gift certificates. We set up a Amazon Store (http://www.green-trust.org/amazon), and earn over $200 / month with no effort. Drop me a line at sspence@green-trust.org if you want a store set up.


  1. I have an amazon store but my web site visitors don't seem to go there. I've highlighted books in the side bars, and have a blurb and link to the bookstore on every page, but still no buys. I research the books I list carefully and only list the best(and I say that at my store page), but in over a year still no sales though I get about 50 visitors a day to the site. Is it just too little traffic yet?


  2. I'm guessing your traffic is too small, or not targeted to what you are selling. I get 4000+ visitors daily, and only get $200 or so a month. I get better response from http://www.clickbank.com