Monday, June 28, 2010

Run Your Own Affiliate Program

We came across a very exciting affiliate package called Affiliate Pro that allows you to run your own Affiliate System right from your own website. This allows you to track sales and commissions owed to others who direct customers to you. Why do this? As our friend Galen Lehman from remarked, places like Commission Junction break the link to the affiliate, so you don't get Google credit for incoming links. Plus, why give up a percentage of the sale to the affiliate program folks for processing. This package is written in PHP, and integrates into most shopping cart applications. You have full control over the sales, the look, the customers, and your affiliate partners. It's a one time purchase of $50, and no re-subscription fees. Comes with free tech support, and full excellent documentation. Installation and integration services are also available. Contact me for more info on this exciting and valuable product. We highly recommend this!

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